Not responsive

I was doing a tour de Watopia stage 2 race today and after about 2 hours and just over 60 km the zwift app stop working and was not responding. After about 5 minutes I had to shut my computer down. Is there any way to recover at least some of the workout as it did not save?

In items of saving your activity to Zwift no.

If you want to upload elsewhere then possibly. Zwift periodically saves your activity in the activities folder.

It’s date and time stamped so easy to locate.

You can upload this. You might have lost 10 mins of your ride.

The game should auto save every ten minutes, so the ride up to the last save point should appear soon.

It’s been a while since i had a crash but if memory serves me correctly it doesn’t upload to Zwift automatically after?

It should do. But only up to the last 10 minute mark.