Not getting credit for Badges

Please hear me out on this before you flame me. Yesterday my wife and I did a “race” together, just the two of us. The companion app gave me credit for three badges (700 watts, 800 watts and completing the segment) even on the screen when riding it said congratulations on completing it. Yes I rode until I went under the banner. Is it a glitch in the system where the app has me getting them but not Zwift itself. I’ll do the ride again but I about popped like a pimple doing those two watts, that put me in the hurt locker for a while on the ride. Any help would go a long way. Or is it suck it up and get back on my trainer and tell my legs to shut up and peddle? Not bad 800 watts for a fat guy.
Luke Keating

Hi @Luke_Keating, welcome to the forums.

I have seen reports of this happening when you are logged into numerous devices at the same time. Sounds like that could be possible given you and your wife are riding together, so you must have more than one device running Zwift. Make sure you are either choosing to “trash can” the ride or “save and exit” each and every time you log in. Having numerous log ins without the corresponding log out can cause this to happen. If you are using apple tv or other mobile apps then make sure to force close the app often as well.

I don’t think your badges can be retrieved unfortunately and you will usually have to do them again to get credit, but feel free to contact Zwift support to see if they can retroactively award them.

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TBH I only use my iPad to do Zwift. Looking like the fat guy is going to try it again. I don’t know how to contact Zwift support

Hi Luke,

Please contact us via email at if you already haven’t, or through the Chat function of our website. We are currently under a high volume of requests, so we may not be able to respond right away, but we will get back to you as quickly as we can!

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Ride On!

Email sent

And you’ll get the “technical limitations” empathic cut and paste response from “support” :wink:

“I definitely understand your frustration with not receiving the badge after putting in all that effort, I would also be upset about it and I’m sorry for the trouble. At this time, we’re unable to credit for missing badges…”

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