Not enough wattage

(Justin Swartz) #1

I ride on a Kickr and while everything seems to be working properly, I find on the downhills and basically anything lower than a 3% grade, I have a hard time pushing more than 200 watts and even at that my cadence is extremely high. Is there any way to make Zwift “harder” so that I can push more watts on the flats/downhills without having my legs spin out of control?

(Tyler Shannon) #2

When was the last time you calibrated your Kickr, or did an advanced spin down? Those could help you quite a bit. 

(simon walker1965) #3

Have you changed the realism to 100% in the settings

(Justin Swartz) #4

I haven’t gone to 100% because I don’t want the 10%+ grades to stop my wheel dead in its tracks but this seems to have helped for now. Thanks all!