increasing wattage

is there any way to increase wattage? im hammering (90+rpms) and cant get over 200 watts

You don’t include enough details to know what’s going on on your end. If you’re using a basic trainer, you’ll need to shift gears to create more resistance. Also make sure your trainer’s roller is tensioned properly.

Hi Allen.

If you can provide us with some more info regarding your trainer and setup we may be able to help.

why do i have to shift gears if im using a kickr?

You need to shift gears with your Kickr because Zwift runs the Kickr in Sim mode, not Erg mode. This can be confusing, I think, for people who have only used their smart trainers in programs like Trainer Road. 

In structured workout programs such as Trainer Road, you input your ftp and resistance is changed so that you match a specific wattage (regardless of cadence) for the current segment of your chosen workout. 

Programs such as Zwift, however, change resistance based on the grade of the simulated course, your weight, and any aero effects such as wind or drafting that the programmers have chosen to include. The point is to simulate a real world environment, and you’re expected to ride it as such. That means shifting gears.

Yes, Zwift will tell your Kickr to create a certain resistance when it hits a hill, but it’s not expecting you to match a specific wattage. It’s simply saying, this is how hard this hill is and you do what you want with it. You can increase your power with gearing to go up fast, or you can reduce your power with gearing and go up slower. Again, it’s a simlation of what happens in real world. 

If you’re riding your Kickr in Zwift without changing gears, it could be that your issue is that you’re in too low of a gear to get above 200 watts. Shift up and you should find that not only will your power go up, but your speed will as well.