Not able to join race

Hi Zwifters, unfortunately I can not join races. I do everything as recommended in the tutorials, but once the race starts on the race course , the race course is not there as a choice. Please advise

Hi @Tom_likes_sports, welcome to the forums.

Please detail your process.

This is how it should work:

  1. Sign up for race or event on companion app or website, or in game menu
  2. Start Zwift
  3. Choose world/route for warm up (doesn’t need to be the same one that the event takes place on, choose any available world)
  4. Start ride
  5. Join now button will appear on screen to enter event

Thx Mike,

all good until Nr. 3, where I can not choose the world/route for warm up. The route referring to the ride is almost never available for warm up. Where can I add it? Hm, cheurish your valued enlightment.

Happy cycling,


You can choose any route in any world in step 3, you’ll move into the right one after pressing Join now. The transition may be a second or two quicker if you are in the right world already but otherwise no difference.

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Edited my list to include detail that you don’t need to be on the same route.

Thx Anna, Where is the Laguardia Loop, not in my NY section. Hm…

Probably just the missing scroll bar, you can still scroll through the list however (click and drag, use 2 fingers on the touch pad, mouse wheel)

That’s one of many “Event Only” routes, so whist people creating events for them will be able to use them for their events, people won’t be able to directly select them from the route list (nor is there any achievement/badge for completing these “event only” routes).

Yeah, LaGuardia Loop is event only, so are Watopia Waistband, Seaside Sprint, whatever After Party and anything Crit City or Bologna (those are the most common ones I’d say). And anyway even if the event is on a route you can select, it doesn’t make any difference, because free riding puts you on the route itself rather than the appropriate start pen. You’ll enter the event only after selecting Join now. (Yeah, not the pinnacle of user interface design, this.)

Perhaps missing in the above, you have to join the race before its due start time! Many social events and group rides allow late joining (up to 30 mins) but races never, for obvious reasons. You can join a race up to 30 mins before it starts.

I have had odd occasions when the join button doesn’t appear promptly on start up, which can cause a bit of panic if it’s close to start time. Quitting and reopening zwift usually gets it working. Maybe it would come up if I waited a few mins, but I’ve not wanted to take the risk!

Thx, will check that.