Not able to bike while someone is on Sole 80 treadmill

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I tried biking with the kickr core and once my husband started running on the treadmill I couldn’t go. Zwift was not connected with treadmill and I had Ant+ plugged in computer.

Can you give a bit more detail?

How did you have the Kickr core connected to Zwift? Were you using ANT+ or BT and likewise what setup was your husband using. I assume he has his own account and device?

Short: Check your internet connection when using the treadmill.

Medium: If your connection is disrupted by the treadmill, you may be able to solve the problem with a surge protector.

Long answer: Some appliances, notably treadmills, send a lot of RFI interference up powerlines and into phone lines. This can disrupt anything that relies on a phone line, like DSL. Some surge protectors filter enough of this out to make a difference.