Not a good resistance lvl on smartbike

Hi there,

I have the virtufit stage s2i which has iConsole, but it does not give the correct resistance. I fly past everyone I drive faster than I’ve ever ridden :wink:

when I’m in training mode then it automatically adjusts the resistance but then I still cycle much harder (wattage) than normal (real life) does anyone have a solution for this?

the trainer does connect nicely with the pairing screen.

Does anyone have a solution?

it’s not very realistic cycling like that :wink:

This is not a SmartBike it’s a SPINBIKE…there is a big difference. Can you connect Controllable to ZWIFT?

This sounds more like a flaw in the bike’s power estimation than a resistance problem. Your Watts should be accurately reported at any resistance level. Zwift trusts what the bike reports. You could talk to the manufacturer… good luck

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@Robert_Dibbits use QZ app so you can customize everything for your bike!

Hey Dejan,

yes i can connect Controllable

Hey Roberto,

I tried that, it connects to the app (phone) and also sees it (phone) in Zwift but it doesn’t register any movement of the pedals. it stays at 0 watts.

I probably have some settings wrong.
But still can’t really find anything why it doesn’t. also to the how to connect documents of QZ app.

write to the qz facebook group or on github. zwift moderators don’t want to talk about qz here. or just write me an email, you can find it in the app

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We have zero issues with people talking about a trainer they are having difficulty with.

But the Facebook Group sounds like a good shout.

talk with the other staff members, i’m not making the rules here :slight_smile:

Hi @Robert_Dibbits

Zwift calculate your speed from the power number that your spinning bike is sending. Looking at your activities it look like the spinning bike is sending very high values.

Is it possible to calibrate the spinning bike using the manufacturer app?

Hi Gerrie,

unfortunately the bike does not have an app.

it has an iconsole module in it with bluetooth.

Ty for your reply