NordicTrack Commercial 2950

Anyone own one? Have experience or opinion on it?

Also, if I decide to purchase it should I get it direct from NordicTrack or purchase it thru Bestbuy?

Thanks again as always

Not that model but I do own a Nordictrack treadmill.

Up until a fortnight ago it was faultless. The main pcb died. As it was under warranty I rang customer services. Phone answered almost immediately.
Explained issue and was told it would be passed to a local service engineer.
Within a short period of time received an email to state there were no spare parts so treadmill would be collected and a replacement delivered at same time.
Few days later and it arrived. Completely brand new.
Same model.

Unfortunately that arrived damaged and as the broken parts aren’t available they are collecting this one and sending another replacement.
Odd as both times the replacements are identical so why they can’t take these parts but I get the impression parts aren’t held in this country.

Can’t fault the customer service.


Whatever you do, stay away from NordicTrack. Terrible quality and even with moderate use (Commercial 1750) electronics started to fail within 8 months, and then even part of the frame broke (and trust me - user is well inside the weight limit of the treadmill). My friend had the same one and massive problems with the main control panel, just few months after end of warranty period. Lack of spare parts by NordicTrack for this model left him with piece of garbage in his basement.

I love the concept of NordicTrack with iFit (despite the fact it is closed to other environments like Zwift), and initially I promoted their product among my friends, but after the experience above I just say clear STAY AWAY and spend your money elsewhere…