Noob coming from Expresso

Hi Folks,

The gym is closed, so no more Expresso machine (or swim team, for that matter) for who knows how long :cry:

So I got a Kinetics “road control” trainer and have done 3-4 Zwift rides. It’s a bit of a disappointment…wonder if you might have insights. Maybe I’d be better off with another service?

I can’t tell when I’ve completed the circuit. I’m stopping in the middle of nowhere. Found a couple other riders (by googling), with the same issue.

Cresting a hill, the screen starts going faster, but I don’t feel Zwift releasing the load - no thrill! With the Expresso you really feel the climbs - gear down to climb hard and shift up for the descents. Sometimes even get that sensation of losing the stomach at the crest!

The NYC and the base Watopia (with the fish) don’t have interesting terrain, and the other options seem to be all lava and smoke(?) I did enjoy Innsbruck!

Lastly, I’ve got an iPhone type 5 and everything is tiny – even with a magnifying glass. Can’t see anyone’s names or comments. I’ve ordered a VGA cable, but I couldn’t find a preference to increase the text size.


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