Less than smooth lately

Oh boy. What a rotten experience lately. Resistance heavy on the flats and low on climbs, crashes. Super fun way to ride the rapha. Crashed 16 laps in on volcano circuit while going for the 25 lap badge. Looking forward to do that again!
15 pop month is worth a bit more stability, no?
And no, its not just me. The 3 people i know who used zwift today all had problems.

I completed a near 2hr session today which was faultless.

What issues did the 3 others have?
What setup have you got?

Is this just a rant to make you feel better or are you actually looking for help? With no details you’re not going to get the latter.

FWIW 8 did 25 laps of the volcano two days ago and had no issues whatsoever.

Can’t say I noticed anything less smooth.

If it were I’d notice given my lack of fitness currently
I’m using Wahoo Kickr Bike on MacOS Zwift via Bluetooth connection.

What version of Zwift do you have, which platform and what trainer? Also any firmware updates for the smart trainer?

In the old days this used to happen a lot in Apple TV version when there were firmware updates For the trainer.

Apologies, I offered help.