First ride was great! Some feedback and questions...

I did my first test ride yesterday. I did 3 laps around the island, was good fun as there were many other folks out on the island, probably 50 or so. I think my feedback is consistent with comments I have seen many others make so I won’t repeat except for these…

First, I will say that it was a blast. The graphics are nice, being out there with real people makes it much more fun, 40 mins on the trainer just flew by, whereas prior to yesterday it was a real drag even with a good football game or music on. This is a great concept and I will be a big time supporter going forward. Will help me work off the beers that I know I shouldn’t be drinking as well!

My biggest complaint is tire slippage…I got that error at least 6 or 7 times, and it appeared to be random rather than related to my pace or acceleration or shifting. Sometimes it would occur after I was at a steady pace. There would be other times when I would try to make it occur by accelerating quickly or shifting and then it would not occur. Very annoying, generally occurred when my wheel was rotating around 20-22 mph. Tire inflated to 120psi (standard 700), proper trainer and sensor selected, My ant sensor is about 6’ away and seems to be working consistently, I will try getting an extension cable and put it right next to the sensor.

My other big suggestion is that before this gets too far along, please get a modern forum package. It could be an excellent tool to help build the community, organize rides, share technical information and share setup solutions. In its current format, it feels like we are in the ‘90s. Better to do this sooner rather than later so you don’t lose all the good info that people provide.

Two questions:
How do I get the iPhone app? I can’t reach my keyboard while riding so it would be useful to have it.
Where can I find my workout history? I’d like to always be able to go back and see what I did. I think it is important that this software keeps ride histories forever.

System: Thinkpad X240 laptop, Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, Cateye speed/cadence sensor, Garmin ant+ dongle

Your ride history is here:

You can also set your weight and nationality and link your Strava account here to get automatic uploads.

Hi Marc,

I’m just a regular Joe, so I can’t help with most of your questions/comments. I can only tell you that your workout history is on your Zwift dashboard. Login here:

You can download your workouts as .fit files which can subsequently be uploaded/viewed in 3rd party software like Garmin Connect and Strava (to name just a couple).

You can also have your workouts saved directly to Strava when exiting Zwift. From your Zwift dashboard, choose “Edit Profile” (sort of top right of the dashboard screen) and then select “Connections” on the next screen. It should be pretty intuitive from there. Obviously you’ll need to set up a Strava account first if you don’t already have one.

Hope this helps!

Haha … Christian beat me to it. Sorry for the duplicate info!

Thanks guys, can see my rides now and am connected to strava.

My other question still…how do I get the iPhone app? I don’t see anything zwift relate in the App Store.

Unfortunately the iPhone app is still in testing and they’ve reached the TestFlight limit of 1000 users, so you’ll have to wait until they submit to the app store.

Ah ok, thx Christian.


1. I too thought Zwift crashed - that’s how I found this post.

When I see “End & Exit” I of course think - “end ride and exit to menu to see the workout data”.

It’s _designet _to end the entire application after each ride?

That’s not smart. Who won’t review the workout afterwards?

And what if I want to ride two sessions?

It takes a long time to login too, so that’s just wrong behavior.

2. You have to login to via bromser to see history.

That’s just pure stupidity.


With these two issues it’s clearly a dealbraker and I will search for serious alternatives.