First good ride in.

(Joe Lanotte) #1

Overall i found it very engaging. Im riding on a Kurt Kinetic trainer, a rotor power meter, and a garmin HR monitor. Everything seemed real smooth with only the repsonse to any input being delayed. The only thing that seem to stand out to me was the rapid deceleration when going down hill. I wish it had a better coasting feel. Anyhow that is all for now!

(Jon Mayfield) #2

That is interesting feedback. Others have said the deceleration is too weak going down hill. Below 6-7 mph we do “enhance” the deceleration to help the rider come to a stop in a more reasonable time, but otherwise we’re following the laws of physics with good average values for the coefficients.

Is there a specific spot you feel it’s really noticeable?

(Joseph Dowski) #3

My experience, (2 rides to date) has been the opposite where I’ve actually stopped, gotten off my bike and the ride is still coasting. I’m using rollers but the rollers are completely stopped when this happens. In fact, I have yet to get the “End Ride” prompt when I stop and have had to hit the esc button to get to the save or discard screen…?