5 Rides in and a few rookie observations/questions.

Hi all,

Really enjoying my initial Zwift experiences.  Have a few questions and observations if anyone out there can help.

  1. Group Rides: I’ve noticed some A, B and C rides have been going on when I join the game.  Are these rides set up for a specific time? I’d like to know when to show up so I can join for the whole ride.  Also, what are the acronyms for, like ZTR?

  2. Getting positively slammed in hills: Seems each time I hit a hill with my CycleOps Jet Fluid, my MPH goes down, way down, to like 1-3MPH.  I lose whatever group I’m with for good.  I realize it’s part of the simulation that hills take away speed, but I know I’m not pedaling THAT slowly. 

  3. Group by trainer: It would be great to be able to see who else out there is using my trainer and ride with them. 

  4. Hey, how about a ‘grappling hook’ mode, where I can latch on to another rider’s seatpost for a few KM?  This stuff is hard!!  ;-) 

Hi Dan,

Looks like you and I started Zwifting about the same time. I’m loving it!

  1. Scheduled ride details can be found here: http://teamup.com/ks4861763bd63ce3d8/

Acronyms designate what ride people are involved in. ZTR is a popular racing series on Tuesdays and Thursdays (see the calendar).

  1. Not sure about your hill issue–I’ve got a Vortex Smart trainer, and it treats the hills pretty realistically. Might need to talk to Zwift support about that.

  2. I fully support grappling hook mode! :slight_smile:

You might check out the Zwift Riders group on FB–lots of good info there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/zwiftriders

Also the Unofficial Zwift User Manual: http://www.titaniumgeek.com/cycling/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates/

Super helpful Eric. Thanks!

Yes, VERY helpful! Thank you.