No Zwift running splits in Garmin Connect

NOTE: this is for Zwift running, not cycling

I can’t get Zwift to send mile/km running split times to Garmin Connect. Zwift only sends a single split/lap to Garmin connect for the entire run. So, when I open Garmin Connect after a 3 mile run on Zwift, I see:
Distance = 3 mi
Time = 18:00

Instead of:
Distance = 3 mi
mile 1 = 6:00
mile 2 = 6:30
mile 3 = 5:30
Time = 18:00

Is there any way to send splits to Garmin Connect? Is this a bug, since Zwift captures splits, but doesn’t send them? Is this a Garmin issue?

You don’t get splits for cycling either. My guess would be this is either an issue with the data Zwift sends to Garmin or how garmin interprets the data. Maybe someone from Zwift staff can elaborate?

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Just bumping with some more info as this is a feature I would like. If you upload to Strava you can see the splits, so they are definitely being exported, but garmin connect is not picking them up. So might be garmins end?