Garmin Connect Link Broken

Has anybody else experienced Zwift not automatically uploading to Garmin Connect today or is it just me? Works fine with Strava

did you skip segments in a workout? that can stop it syncing

Nope, @Chris_Holton, i ran the whole Group Run: TdZ Run | Stage 3, Long on Champs-Élysées in Paris.

hmmmmm, not sure then, i just checked and my rides from today synced as expected.

I did the TdZ A ride today too and it went to both Connect and Strava as normal.

I uploaded it to Garmin from Stava so it’s in there now. I’ve got events scheduled everyday this week so I guess I’ll just keep an eye out for any anomalies. Thanks.

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It took a few hours for my ride from tonight to actually get into Garmin but it did get there in the end.


Yep, just checked again and it was there. Blame it on my impatience.


Mine has also yet to upload to Garmin, but it’s only been a couple hours so hopefully it gets there eventually