No Women's jersey for World Cancer Day ride

Zwift, please ensure your partners are being inclusive to women. After completing the World Cancer Day ride today I received the following email from Zwift: SHOP THE IRL KIT
Now you’ve unlocked the kit in game, you can wear it with pride in real life. Shop the Le Col World Cancer Day Solidarity Challenge jersey here.
Unfortunately, there are no women’s Le Col World Cancer Day Solidarity Challenge Jersey’s. A huge miss for Zwift and Le Col and basically dismissive of women riders.

Hi @Ellen_R and welcome to the forums!

That is a shame Le Col didn’t offer a women’s jersey for this. However, I don’t think I will ever buy anything from Le Col anyway, they are far too expensive for my budget.

Zwift looks to be only a supporter/partner to the Solidarity Challenge so I don’t think they are 100% to blame for this. I suggest you contact them directly to voice your displeasure.

Hi Mike, thank you for the welcome! it is a shame and I agree the jersey is expensive but if part of the funds are going to support cancer awareness then maybe. I will follow up on the link and let the Solidarity Challenge know as well. A suggestion to Zwift - in the future don’t include email offers that are only for men when women are also riding.

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Hi Ellen,

Just to let you know, I’ve flagged this with our Marketing Team for future considerations.


Thanks, James! Glad to hear Zwift is following up.