No Transfer from Zwift to Garmin (and Strava) Tacx Neo Smart 1

Hello I use an I Mac and i have connected my account with garmin and Strava, and aver than with garmin-connect. However, both of them doesn’t work. There is no automaticly transfer to Garmin Connect oder Strava. What can i do ?

@Alexander_Straus you didn’t mention in your post but are you saying that after you linked your Garmin/Strava accounts a ride you completed and saved didn’t import or are they past rides saved on Zwift before you linked the accounts?

If the latter, only rides saved after linking your accounts will import into those services automatically.

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Yes, i linked my zwift with strava and / or Garmin Connect. After than i made a new rid, than i saved the ride - but no transfer.

Looking at your Zwift profile it doesn’t look like there is a saved ride on zwift so that’s why nothing went through to Garmin or Strava. IIRC rides need to be a certain length or they won’t save, think around 5km. Your profile is showing only 3km ridden. This might be the issue. Try riding longer and saving that should work.

There were some issues between Zwift and Garmin a little ways back but Garmin corrected that and I haven’t seen any widespread issues with the syncing since then.