No text when at the back of a large group,

I’m a slow rider… in large group rides I am usually alone and well off the back. Lately I’ve found that I cannot get or send any text message except for both Beacons. They in turn cannot see any text from me. Basically this means I’m riding by myself with no communication. Total isolation. Anyone else notice this occurrence?

Yes Zwift only show messages from the people in a given radius, if you are out of it you won’t see thier messages.

Thanks for the reply. Is there a logical reason for this reduced zone of communication? Those of us that are off the back are totally alone. So much for the joy of the camaraderie and enjoyment of the group ride


It was changed to please the people who are contrary to yourself.

Those in a group were often receiving message from people in other groups far in front or behind of them. For example a message saying “push up to the next group” could create confusion as you wouldn’t know if this was from your group or not.

Ride leader messages are visible to all

Stuart, thanks for the reply.

In my last several group rides I might as well have been biking on Mars. There was no one else anywhere near me as the ride was restricted to only those riders actually in the ride and all of those riders were several minutes ahead of me.
At least previously I could text chat with others or at least observe the ongoing text conversations to help pass the time. A very disappointing turn of events.
No reason to join group rides anymore… will instead join any popular route and simply hope to meet another rider going at a similar pace.
Can’t believe Zwift has been so short sighted!

Hi Alan,
Please see thread below. There’s definitely been some dismay among rider leaders and other riders with this change and Eric Min has participated in the discussion. We’re hoping they will allow ride leaders to decide whether or not to limit chat to fixed radius as best suits their group’s needs and desires.

Hi Lebasi,

Thanks for the link… was beginning to wonder if I was the only one concerned (annoyed… no! Really really annoyed) at this text/chat change issue. Now at least a glimmer of hope.