No signal on all devices

3rd time this has happened to me. Today during the E-Fondo I was 1 hour 26 minutes into the ride when my avatar just stopped. I went to the pairing screen and I was getting “No Signal” for my power meter, smart trainer and heart rate monitor. Doing a search didn’t work as nothing showed up. I unplugged and plugged the Ant+ dongle back in (and yes it’s on an extension lead). To verify that my devices were working I fired up my tablet and this was picking up the devices. Like before the only way to reconnect was to quit Zwift and restart. Fine but I’m now out of the event and there’s no way to rejoin where I left off.

So, is the problem my end or is it a bug with Zwift. 99% of the time I have no issues. Why do I have to restart Zwift to get reconnected?

Some kind of interference on your end would be my guess. Zwift uses a lot more data than those other apps you mentioned so it is not a totally far test. I have also had the same issue (a long time ago) with dropouts and having to restart the app. Without knowing more about your setup there is now way we can give you more help to resolve the issue.


Thanks for the reply. Setup is a desktop computer, intel i5, 4gb ram. Connected to internet via T-Link through power system of my house. Happened twice with this setup and once before on my i7 laptop connected via wifi.

Same thing. The SAME set up (using my laptop). No problems, and now 3rd day in a row “no signal”. NOTHING on my end, on my set up has changed (except the batteries. I changed them trouble shooting). NOTHING. Why am I suddenly getting “no signal”?

I get the same issues, its so frustrating. I have changed batteries on gamin ant+ sensors, changed PC’s, moved locations, updated all software. still no good. Part of trouble shooting tested with The Sufferfest and TrainerRoad with no problems.