No rider names. instead black rectangle

Running Apple TV.  Their is a black rectangle above riders where it should have tyheir names.  On the riders near by list it shows only w/kg but no names for the riders near by.

worked fine yesterday

Read the thread I started (2 hours ago) known issue with zwift. Lots of unhappy people today

Mark  thanks for the reply. I just found your post and replied.  What sucks is i unistalled/reinstalled the app so the 5 sec , 20min etc power reset to 0  Hopefully i didnt loose anything else. 

Frustrating isn’t it :rage:

They lost not only names and flags, but the riders near me also lost their hair.  It was spooky.

lol  It looks like they resolved the issue Phil.  working for you?

Had same experience running on iMac.  No names of other riders, all other racers in my group were generic Zwift riders.  After race ended I encountered 2 riders traveling the wrong way in my lane.  Perhaps since everyone’s bracket got busted, no one’s watching the NCAA and instead are on Zwift.

arent these the bots?

no bots.  all real riders.  once upon a time there were bots, but they were a translucent blue.

sample images here:

Ride on!

these riders wearing standard zwift jersey, all bald, and have black name tags, have been present for months…  i have noticed it in numerous previous fondos, but i also notice they are doing unrealistic things - which makes me think they were bots. riding at 3kph at 3.5 wpk for example on the tower. riding at 0.9wpk and passing lots of people on the first KOM, then coming back to riders when it jumps to 2.8-3 wpk. if these are real riders, then the data coming from them, and the avatars are corrupted