Names when riding

I’ve noticed that names and countries show on some riders but not others. Could someone tell me if that’s a setting or a random thing?

Do you have an ex’s let you could show? I know that riders don’t have to select a country flag, and that you can change your display name, including to just blanks (I think), but I’m not sure this is what you’re talking about.

Hi Nigel :slight_smile: No, I’m thinking that perhaps it only shows selective riders? I’m not sure. I don’t even see mine displayed and I have my name and country flag. Hmmmm… :thinking:

Sounds like an internet connection issue. Are you on WiFi or hard wired?

Thanks Paul. No, it’s not that. I have 1TB high speed. Speed tests are always very high. I’m thinking that it’s possibly a setting I have, but I can’t find it.

No one in the world has 1TB internet speed, it is not even possible.

There is no setting for disabling names or flags, it is an internet issue. It could be a port blocked on your router or your ISP is blocking the port that is needed to display names and flags.

Only time i’ve ever had this is when my internet speed is really slow and it can’t get all the data for the new riders quickly enough.

Do they all have the same default orange jersey and stuff?

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MB… Not TB. That was an obvious mistake. 100MB

No. All different colors. Most do have makes and flags but others don’t. Does Zwift use bots perhaps?

Do a speed test using and select a server on the west coast of the US.

No they don’t use bots, the only other time i see this is when you go past a start of a big group ride and my computer struggles to keep up with all the new riders at one time and can’t get all their details quickly enough.

It’s good.

Ok, post the complete specs of your Zwift device.

Weird. It shows 453 mbps… Maybe that’s not enough.

Are you talking about the names and flags in the list on the right, or hovering over other riders on the road? If you mean on the road, then you often won’t see any label on a lot of the riders. If you mean in the list on the right that is odd and is likely an internet issue. Is you Zwift device hardwired or in WiFi?

No, on the road. I see some and not others. It just just not load all riders.

Correct, it only shows some. I’m not sure how it picks, but it seems random to me.


If you can snap a picture and pot it that will help us.

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It’s like that for everyone. You’ll see the name/flag above some riders for a few seconds, then those names will disappear and you’ll see others appear. If you stay with the same group, you’ll see the names above their avatars will cycle through all of them.

If you ride with just one person, you’ll really see how it works. That person’s name will pop up for a bit above their avatar, then disappear for a minute or so, then reappear.


Thank you Sophie!

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