Where's my flag? Rider settings?

(Carol Bult) #1

I seem to have lost my nationality (US) even though I didn’t change any settings.
Speaking of which…I did a rider set up when I first registered but don’t see a way of re-visiting that form. How do I access rider settings?

(Allan Watkins) #2


(Carol Bult) #3

Thanks Allan…I didn’t know that dashboard site existed!

(Allan Watkins) #4

Dang it, sorry for the spam, I hate zendesk (can’t edit crap) lol.

Heheh, a few of us figured it out a while back a little before they announced it officially. (clicked the “login” link on the main page I believe it didn’t work that way before)
Check out the announcements page every now and then for the new features as they add them.

(Carol Bult) #5

Thanks again guys. I really appreciate the information!
Just for some context…I launch Zwift from an icon on my touch screen so I don’t log in via the web which is why I don’t think I noticed the ability to select settings the way that Allan suggested. Once I have Zwift running I’m too far away from the computer to use the keyboard without getting off the bike! Maybe the mobile app will help but I think that app is also still in Beta and I’m not a tester for that.

(Allan Watkins) #6

You might want to look into getting a wireless keyboard then, even before Zwift I used one to navigate Netflix / music etc… something like this little guy here:

It’s pretty small and charges via usb, about the size of my phone, but there are quite a few you can find on Amazon for around / under 20 bucks.