Beta Feedback

(Brett Reader) #1

Few rides completed and a few notes and questions.

  1. when overtaking my avatar spaz’s out wobbles back and fourth across the road for quite a long time.
  2. If my lap counter is to the right of the distance completed then its not working.
  3. Why do some riders have a flag next to their name and others not. Can the flag be changed manually
  4. On the riders leaderboard on the right hand side of the screen I sometimes see a white square on some riders, what is this?.
  5. Instead of my details/position being a white rectangle on the live leaderboard I would like to see my details but maybe greyed out.
    6)When approaching a rider to draft I think it may help to see a graphic of his speed so I can draft with some control.
  6. Is there any reduction in resistance on an intelligent turbo trainer when drafting?
  7. I have the urge to talk to or communicate with riders when passing or drafting!!!

So far so good, had some good races and feel competitive when riding.

(Eric Vlaanderen) #2
  1. me too
  2. log into website, update your profile settings
  3. this is the online-gaming world. Real-time voice can’t be far away. With your cell-phone attached to bike with a mount, there will likely be voice (speaker-phone) or FaceTime-like video in the future.