Names of riders in chat boxes

Not sure if this has already been addressed, but the names of riders are missing from nearly every message popup no matter where they are on the map.  (total opposite side of course or just back/front and off rider list during a group ride)

I have noticed that the names are always there on the app, but are missing on the screen and have been missing for a while now. 

I think this may be related to whether or not the rider uses a profile picture/avatar. the few names that do show up that i have noticed on the app do not have a picture.  

I am using mac OSX with a 2015 imac retina. and also happens on my 2015 mac book pro.  

we are due for some improvements to chat for sure.

if you use the mobile app, you’ll be able to see the person behind each chat message. now the mobile app has some quirks with regards to chat but at least for now that’s one way to solve your issue.

I have excellent faith that all chat issues will be mostly resolved in time and one day we’ll all have voice chat, which will be the next thing to complain/suggest/praise :slight_smile:

Yes names are missing - also when different messages are posted at the same time, one will be on top of the other, and they’ll both disappear giving you no chance to read the other.

I think we need some kind of scrolling chat now, with options when to allow line fade etc as per MMORPG games.