No Response to Forgotten Password (Companion Crashed)

Where is ZWIFT Support??? I have sent multiple tickets and tried calling the UK support line since Friday, 08 May. My companion app failed to load, then “crashed” and when restarting the login screen would not accept my password. Deleted app and reinstalled but still not accepting the password. Attempted “forgotten password" multiple times and no support email, with nothing in spam.
I had to use my son’s profile to log into the forum as no password = no login.

Hi @Jay_DoubleU

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Zwift support is under huge load at this time with new users and the crazy times we live in with everyone working from home. Also it was weekend in the USA the last 2 days.

The forgotten password should be a automatic process.

Did you check your spam folder for the password link?

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I assume it is the same user name and password you are using to post here, so you might want to make sure you have no extra spaces in either your user name or password. Also, don’t use tab to go from user name to password, I think that adds a space.

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I did state…“with nothing in spam.” Thanks for the feedback. Amazingly - not long after posting this a “reset password” message came through on my own profile.

Thanks for reply…i did state: “I had to use my son’s profile to log into the forum as no password = no login.”