No respond email forgotten

Where is ZWIFT Support??? I have sent multiple tickets. Attempted “forgotten password" multiple times and no support email, with nothing in spam.
I had to use my wife‘s profile to log into the forum as no password = no login.

Hiya @Barbara_Bosbach_Bike welcome to Zwift forums

If the “Forgot password” link didn’t generate a notice that reached your inbox - it is very possible that you entered your email address incorrectly.

We don’t handle account-related questions of this nature on a public forum to protect your privacy. Please use the Contact Us link on and ask for a human agent who can help 1) find your account (not your wife’s) 2) correct your email address and 3) send you a reset link.


Thanks very much. do you have a german speaking contact for me?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Barbara Bosbach