No resistance after an event starts

Hi all, my set up is:

  • Tacx Vortex (latest firmware)
  • Ipad
  • Wahoo speed / cadence sensor (BT and Ant+ compatible)
  • iPhone running the companion app
  • Vortex and Wahoo speed / cadence sensor connected via Bluetooth

Prior to starting an event, if I free ride a course, the resistance for gradients work fine without an issue.
When I join the event, at the start prior to commencement, the resistance is flat - as expected.

When the event starts the resistance stays the same and is not being controlled by the Vortex. Looking at the pairing menu, everything is paired as expected. If I turn off the Vortex and turn it back on, the resistance starts working.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Me too and issues are same.

If you haven’t already done so, ensure that the Tacv Vortex has the latest firmware as well as the Wahoo speed / cadence sensor.

I checked my Wahoo speed / cadence sensor and it didn’t have the latest firmware. Since I have upgraded it, I haven’t had the issue.

Also make sure the ipad isn’t too far away from the bike too.

Good luck

Same issue here except I am using a Wahoo Kickr and cadence sensor paired with a MacBook to run Zwift. The issued started back in late July and I have yet to figure it out. When I start up Zwift and free ride, everything seems fine, but when I join my group ride, SIM mode seems disabled. Oddly enough, if I leave the group ride and try to do a spin down, it takes an enormous amount of effort to reach 23 mpg, and the calibration fails. My firmware is updated so I am at a loss.

Hope you can figure it out!

Same issue here with Wahoo Kickr and Wahoo cadence sensor. The problem happends with my MacBook Air as well as with the AppleTV. An additonal problem is that if i quit the program and log in again. The only solution that I found was to calibrate the Kickr before starting an event or training. To do that I make a 10 minute warm up with free riding, and then calibrate and start the event.

In August I received my Climb and immediately the Kickr requested a firmware upgrade and the problem started until now.

It has been very frustrating to add 20 additional minutes to warm up and calibrate every time the equipment.

Seems to be a issue with Bluetooth and IOS devices

I’ve still had drop outs at random and you can tell the resistance wont work as the blue LED will be lit solid. When its working and adjusting the resistance, the blue LED on the Kickr Snap flashes every 2-3 seconds.

Same here, kickr 2017 , after start no resistanse, have to disconnect and reconnect power.