Tacx Vortex smart, No resistance, Screen freeze. Imac late 2013, wahoo speed cadence.

(Stuart Stoddart) #1

Zwift has recognised my Tacx Vortex smart, (this is the code 2083)  the power meter and cadence and speed sensor are the same code, but there is no resistance and the screen freezes up on my i5 imac late 2013. I cannot get a high wattage after pedalling  like a demon.

Is zwift linking up to my turbo and not using my wahoo speed and cadence sensors?

Am i setting up wrong?

i understand its early days for mac os x, keep up the good work on  what is going to be a great product, just a bit frustrating early on.


(Jon Mayfield) #2

We don’t currently support any dynamic resistance features of Tacx Smart units as they use a proprietary protocol.  You can use it only as a power meter and cadence sensor, but it sounds like you’ll need to set resistance via some other app.  

What is odd is that my Vortex smart defaults to acting like a flat road, so I can generate substantial wattage on mine without the need of a 3rd party app.

(Fredrik A) #3

I just tried my first short run with my Smart Vortex and a Retina Macbook Pro. Not using any external speed or cadence sensor. 

One maybe related question, should I pair the Vortex Smart as a Speed or a Power meter or does it not matter? 

For me the power does not seems to go that high either. (90 W for 80 RPM or so). So maybe like “flat road”. What gear are you guys running at?