No race result and other riders in race

My latest race

No results in the end and no position visible during the race and all free riders where visible as well…
This pretty much ruined the race as some riders could just hang on to a big blob that was not part of the race…

at the end of the race there was no result as well…

everything looks normal on zwiftpower

Race organisers can disable the scoreboard which ZHR do; this has the effect you are reporting.

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does this also make the riders visible who are not racing? This was the most weird and distracting, no idea who was in the race and who was not… Was way too crowded to race with people doing workouts and grouprides in between.

Riders visible outside the event is not linked with the Scoreboard. That is disabled by default so might be a bug. I do know the organiser has had significant trouble with Zwift in editing his events or even responding to his requests.


ok tnx for the clarification!

last question, even if the organiser turns off position indication shouldn’t you at least see the result in the end and in the companion app? Both didnt show anything… only zwiftpower got the results fortunately

No; that is how disabling scoreboard works.

Scoreboard is linked to Race Results and Rider List position in race.

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