No power parameters, level, only cyclist on the screen

Question, I logged in to a new zwifter on a new account and a 25-kilometer trial period, and while driving, you can see only a moving figure without a power window, level bar, etc. On the same laptop, my account works correctly, all data is visibleIMG_20200227_071109

Have you dabbled with prefs.xml or used the Zwift Preferences app to change the settings?

Zwift does have an undocumented “minimal ui” feature that does what you’ve described.

It’s possible that has been enabled for your new account - although I must admit I’m not sure whether the file is available on a user by user basis, or if it’s shared across Zwift accounts.

I haven’t done the new user introduction, but I think the metrics appear as you ride to introduce you to Zwift.

So keep riding and see if it appear.

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Rather, this is not a problem, my account is good, I also downloaded the zwift hack file and the minimal UI is ticked off, which is ok. Today my colleague will shoot and I hope that the parameters appear after some time because I have no other idea

Aha! That’s a good thought Gerrie. Maybe I’ll create a new account so I can experience the new introduction.

It’s clearly a bit disconcerting for someone already familiar with the UI though.


@Gerrie_Delport is correct. I recently opened a child account for my daughter and there is nothing on screen until you start to ride, as you go along the on screen prompts start to explain everything and metrics start to show, riders nearby, etc… she even got a ride on from Eric Min!