No other riders on screen

I rode two rides in Watopia and I was all by myself. I got the green jersey and the king of mountain. the progress bar showed be qualifying for the next level but nothing has shown up on strava or zwift. Now that zwift is back up and running my progress bar has dropped back to where it was before the two rides

This is something totally different. If you don’t see other riders then you know there is something wrong with your internet.

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It was not an internet problem because it downloaded the rides just like it always does and it went through all the routes just I was the only one there

also the other computers in the house had internet just fine

at this point neither of the rides are in the my zwift record and neither were downloaded to strava

It’s a connection problem between your Zwift client and Zwift’s servers. Just because other stuff runs fine doesn’t mean it’s not a problem - e.g. Zwift has different servers and also uses specific “ports” for traffic.

A router reboot often fixes this sort of thing. But it can also be caused by you running on a VPN and/or you using a work laptop which has been locked down.

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