No more Intensity Minutes on Garmin

Since about a month ago all Zwift activities are no longer recorded and counting towards Garmins weekly intensity minutes.

I record the zwift session on a garmin unit (indoor profile) and upload to Connect. I have two records in connect but label the garmin one with ‘DATA #’ prefix. I then get training load data within the Garmin app.

It a pain but it bypasses the flaky arrangements between garmin and third party apps.

Yea, I rather use third party then…

Are their any news on this subject or any new hacks?. Would really like to keep Garmin Connect as my main app for tracking data, but intensity minutes are not recognized when syncing from Zwift. Seems counter productive to have both Garmin and Zwift data for the same (one) workout. It also messes up the Training Status data (I think).