No message text input box in the start pen

Not sure when it started, but whilst waiting in the start pen on Monday and today (Wednesday) I’ve noticed that my message text input message box is missing. I can read messages, but I can’t write them. Is it just me? Windows 11, 4070 GFX and everything fully updated (Windows updates, drivers, Zwift) before each and every ride.



The text input line is there but out of the visible area. You can hit “m” and type blindly.

I have the same problem for a long time now, but not always. Sometimes it works as it should be and the text input line is visible. I couldn’t figure out, what made the difference. The computer is only used for Zwift and I don’t change anything between rides.

I always thought the problem might be my screen which has a rather unusual aspect ratio of 3/2 and a resolution of 4500/3000 px. I have Windows 11 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060.


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Thanks, Tom. Good to know that I’m not alone and there is a solution of sorts. I’m on a laptop with 2560x1600 resolution and the task bar visible. I use 4k ultra profile in Zwift.

I’ve been using an Android tablet for Zwift until recently, but I’ve switched back to Windows for racing on Zwift. Maybe that’s why I’ve only noticed recently. Perhaps it’s a long standing bug.

Hi @Tim_dODZ @Thomas_Nuthmann, thank you for posting. I’m Gian from Zwift.

That’s strange! I appreciate all the detailed information. Could you please let us know the following?

  • Have you changed the size of the text in Windows or the display scale? If so, could you try adjusting that back to 100% using the steps in Microsoft’s article?
  • Does the issue occur both in full-screen mode and windowed mode?
  • Are there any particular changes that you can make to your PC (like changing the screen resolution) to make the text input appear?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi, @Gian ,
(cc @Thomas_Nuthmann ).

  • Text scaling is set to 100% and screen resolution is set to native 2560x1600.

  • The issue occurs with windowed mode and full screen mode, also when corner dragging to resize the windows or using Windows+ArrowKey to tile and reposition Zwift

  • I do not care to run my display at anything other than native resolution.

  • Showing or hiding the task bar does not improve things.

  • Changing game resolution within Zwift does not fix it.

  • Reinstalling Zwift (deleting the Zwift program folder and most of the Zwift document folders and files) did see things fixed in the first instance, but Zwift was only set to 1080p quality and that’s blurry and unacceptable, as is 1440p, so I use 4k UHD settings within Zwift. At some point, with multiple adjustments and game exit/restarts I was back to square one.

  • Actually, for a while I saw a partially displayed text input field, losing the bottom edge of the text. Now the field has vanished completely (again).

  • Returning game resolution within Zwift to 1080p or 1440p does not fix it.

This is the latest example at 4k game resolution and with the task bar hidden. No text input field. This is a full screen print at 2560x1600.

Note that the MENU button is positioned correctly, so most screen elements are where they should be, except the bottom of the chat window and the message text input field.

Hopefully that helps diagnosis.

EDIT : And now, without changing anything, a fresh Zwift restart and a different pen and the chat window is all present and correct…

What is going on?

And now, with the same instance of Zwift, but again another pen, and I have half a text input field (task bar not hidden).

And while we’re discussing problems in the pen, can anyone explain the wobbly Zwift camera view while I’m motionless in the pen? I started to feel seasick. Did someone really choose to design and code this into the game? Have a word please.

I’m running 1.69.0.

I’ve seen this issue many times but never figured out why it happens or under what circumstances. I don’t always see it.

New, seemingly repeatable data…

I start Zwift in windowed mode. Once the launcher hands over to the Zwift app the window that is presented is fractionally narrower than my display, but too tall to fit properly above the task bar. Buttons can be accessed here, but they are chopped off at the bottom.

If I allow Zwift to fully load in this state and enter a pen then I can not see any text input field at all. Resizing the window to any dimension does not fix it.

If I exit Zwift and restart the app, but this time hit the maximise icon the moment that the Zwift app first displays then, once I make it into a pen, I can see the text input field, albeit chopped at the bottom. Also, previous buttons in the Zwift app are fully presented and not chopped off.

After a couple of trials this seems to be repeatable behaviour. However, I still haven’t managed to restore 100% complete text input fields. But something is better than nothing.

So, while I am no developer and don’t understand the finer points of graphics handing, it looks like Zwift is simply not drawing elements of the screen correctly, seemingly getting confused about available resolution/dimensions upon startup.

Unfortunately, despite NVME drive, Core i9 processor, 32GB RAM and an RTX 4070, Zwift is dog slow to load. I did read that things might be quicker with no user input - mouse movement, clicks etc. whilst loading, which is why I have tended not to maximise my screen until later on. Thus I’ve been getting the vanishing, sometimes but not always, text input field.

I say BUG!

I wonder if it would behave any differently if doing full screen via borderless gaming

Hi Gian,

scaling is 100%. It makes no difference if the window is maximized or not or if the task bar is hidden or not. It seems to be a problem within the Zwift window.


I just tried running Zwift on my (very) old 13" ultrabook with integrated GFX. I’ve used it a lot for Zwift in the past, but it was retired in favour of my one year old gaming laptop.

Anyway, upon starting Zwift (fully updated as of today) the Zwift window is poorly fitted to my screen, with elements at the bottom of the screen chopped off, just like my gaming laptop. However, upon entering the pen my text input field for messaging is all present and correct, even in the window. Maximising the window continues to show the input field properly, as does resizing the window much smaller. In other words, zero problems on this laptop.

Could the problem with my gaming laptop be due to the RTX GFX or maybe the 2560x1600 resolution? I have no idea - just spitballing ideas. Might logs from the gaming laptop reveal answers? Happy to provide them is needed.

Interesting, maybe, to note the size of the “safe” margin for the text input field on Android…

That is not going to vanish beyond the screen edge.

Back on the gaming laptop today. No config changes whatsoever, but I did hit the maximise button promptly upon startup. And this time the chat window and text input box were just where they should be. What’s up with this?