Chat window is not completely visible while in the event's start pen

Yesterday I experienced the following issue:

While waiting in the event start pen for the group ride to start the chat window on the right part of the screen wasn’t visible completely. The latest comment and the line for entering new comments were out of the visible area on the bottom of the screen without any scrolling abilities to reach them. This made entering a comment rather difficult.

Windows 11, Zwift 1.25 (latest Update)


Same problem also Win 11

Seems to have been fixed. Today the complete chat area was visible again for me.

I have to correct my last reply. The issue still exists, but it appears not every time. Yesterday I took part in a group ride and the chat window shown while waiting in the start pen was not visible completely. I coudn’t see what I was typing. Some days before I took part in an event and everything was fine. No idea what was different.