No join event button on desktop app

Dear zwifters,

yesterday i tried to start 3 different races on my desktop app. I did sign up on forehand.

At the first 2 races i was free riding, but a join event / switch button never appeared :frowning: So i mist both races.

Then i tried a different approach. Staying in the desktop menu and siging up for a race 5 minutes later.

At the the event schedule on the right hand side i could see the countdown from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute and then from 35 seconds down. But i could never join.

Tuesday i did my first race / event and on that day the app did go automatically from my free ride to the race.

Iā€™m i doing something wrong?

With regards,


When you sign up for a event do it before starting zwift. You need to be free riding to see the join button.

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thnx, but i was free riding in a world.

This sunday the join event button appeared.

Tomorrow a new test :wink: