No iPhone control after U-turn

(Doug Goglia) #1

I just did my first ride on Zwift since the 6/4 update, and was really psyched to use the u-turn/reverse direction.   I use the Zwift app on my iPhone.  After figuring out that I have to hold the u-turn button for a few seconds, I was able to change direction. However, after changing direction, my mobile device would no longer control Zwift, and was stuck on the “see who’s riding” page.   Thought I’d post here to see if there is a workaround. Otherwise, the new upgrade is a big improvement.  I especially like the trainer resistance feature.

(Jason K) #2

Thanks for the report!

We haven’t seen this issue here in the office, and typically the only reason that you’ll be kicked back to the “See Who’s Riding” page is if your network connection is disrupted (you have to be on the same network for the game and app to connect).

If it happens again, and you’re sure that your computer and phone are on the same network, please submit a support ticket so that we can investigate further.

(Doug Goglia) #3

If I have two wireless networks (single router with 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz wifi networks) do my iPhone and PC have to be on the same wifi network?  If so, this could have been the issue.  I didn’t think to check which of my wifi networks my devices were on.  I’ll remember to check next time I use Zwift.  Thanks for the quick response!

(Jason K) #4

That could definitely be the cause! We have a similar setup in the office, and we’ve seen it cause the same problems. :wink:

(Doug Goglia) #5

Rode Zwift last evening with my PC and Murphy iHone on the same 2.4GHz network.  Proble was resolved.  Thanks.