iPhone mobile app not working after update

(Pete Maloney) #1

Today on my ride I selected “Find group riders nearby” or something like that.  For the first portion of the ride the mobile app would show the screen with my stats (e.g. watts, speed, etc.) but all stats showed zero.  

Later in the ride it switched me to fan view and even though I was also still riding, I was stuck watching another rider’s ride.  The view on that rider kept changing.  I tried a lot of things, aside from hopping off the bike and fiddling with my computer, to resolve the issue.  Nothing I tapped on the phone fixed the problem, such as switching view, selecting another rider, etc.  I tried closing the app and re-opening it, this didn’t work either.

Eventually it switched back to my ride view, but it was stuck on the set up where it constantly changed my view.  It was also intermittently dropping any stats on me, basically switching to the view where I could watch only.

I don’t know how to share a ride ID from the logged Zwift ride on Zwift, so here it is on Strava:  https://www.strava.com/activities/567362992

I believe I have used Zwift one other time this week since the Zwift update.  That time the mobile app didn’t even detect that I was riding, and only showed me the screen to see who was riding, nothing on my own stats and no ability to turn, use power ups, etc.

(Alistair Aitken) #2

I concur, since the latest update my Zwift iphone app is no longer functional. It still runs, but pushing the buttons achieves nothing etc.

(Pete Maloney) #3

Attached is the log file from the ride related to my support case.

(Alistair Aitken) #4

Just ran zwift tonight and following the latest update to the software the mobile link is working again for me (used it to pause workout and restart, all good).

Cheers zwift folks.