No invite to join despite selecting in companion app

I’ve selected events in the companion app. Jumped on my bike to cruise round before the event but not had the option to join the event come up on screen…
Anyone had similar issues?

This might sound like a dumb question… but are you sure it was a men’s ZA event? If it was a women’s, you shouldn’t have been able to sign up in the companion app either, but possibly you did? Those events are women’s specific so it wouldn’t let you in the event in game.

Also, were you already in game when you joined via companion app? Sometimes there is a delay with the game recognizing that action from the companion app, if you were already logged in. If not this shouldn’t affect it.

Hi Leah,
I’m pretty certain they were male events…they had green banners anyway :wink:
I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your second suggestion. Both times this has happened to me I’ve been logged in on my PC before selecting the events. (I find it easier to navigate events using the app.) Next time I’ll try selecting on the app. before logging in to see if that works for me.

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Hi I’ve had the same issue with the women’s events, gone straight into Zwift app, no invite, panicked. I think we need to open companion app first, then the Zwift app then we should have the invite come up. I’m going to try that on a different event first, because I hate joining in 3 mins after the start.

Hi @Genevene_Hall and @Chris_McNaughton_OVB

You should use the companion app before you open Zwift as mentioned before. But if you log into zwift and start riding with at least 10min left before the event then you can select your event on the companion app end it will show the join event.

In my testing it only happen when you are selecting an even with only a few minutes left before the start or if you are in the start menu.