No data shown

Hi all during a ride I have no data been shown on screen. Heart rate, power, time, distance, cadence, elevation and also everyone’s watts per KG is missing also everything is paired fine and shows up on the pairing screen and is reading correctly… Iv uninstalled and reinstalled the program but to no success… any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m getting frustrated with it.
Many thanks josh

Hi Josh,

I’ll follow up with you on the support case that has been opened.

Hi Romain, I am having the same problem as Josh where no data is being shown but pairing, etc is all correct. Very frustrated at this point. I’m still in the free trial period but have not yet been able to get Zwift working correctly. I am keen to subscribe but don’t want to if I keep having issues. I have also uninstalled and re-installed the program twice but this has not resolved the problem. I’ve attached some screen shots below for your reference. 

Hello Michelle


Thanks for reaching out. I’ll follow up shortly

Hi Michelle, Romain got back to me extremely quickly and sorted the problem out in no time. Just in case you haven’t heard back yet the problem I had which was exactly the same as yours was coursed by my graphics drivers. All I had to do was update them, I think it was AMD website but Romain will send you the link I’m sure…