No data displayed on windows 7 installation

Hello, I’m new on Zwift, and I use it with an wahoo kickr.
When I start a session, I cannot see any datas on windows software, for example power, cadence, speed, distance, etc… I see only empty container on top left and center sections, with some images (for exaple the small tachometer). In the android companion app istead I can read all the information garthered form sensors without problem.
it seems to be a problem related to fonts used from software, but I have no idea how to solve this.



Hey Lorenzo, fonts installed shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Have you tried uninstalling Zwift then reinstalling it again on your device?

Hello Vincent,
Yes, today I try to totally unistall Zwift, and reinstalling, but the strange behaviour remains. I can see the images, the map, all the 3d world, the list of neighbours, but nothing about the numerical info of sensor on top left and top center sections.
This afternoon I try to get the log files.

this is a screenshot of the problem.
On log file there aren’t errors.

I try to change language from italian to english… nothing to do, no data text.
I’ve reinstalled for the thirth time all the windows app, also with administrator rights… nothing to do, no data text.

On companion app no problem, I can pair and read all datas without problem.

Zwift, help me please!

This has been reported many times before - it’s usually poor graphics card capability, or limited graphics memory.
What is your laptop and what graphics card does it have (probably an on-board graphics processor). Does it meet Zwift’s minimum specs?

Try reducing the graphics resolution down to “LOW (576p)” in settings and see if that improves the situation.