No count for KM, XP and TSS in workout mode

Dear support,

this morning i performed a custom workout . No issues during workout. I know that during workout XP points don’t increase but this time even if the workout has been completd succesfully XP are still the same.

Also KM and TSS are wrong:

If necessary i can send you the zwo file.

I always use custom workouts in zwift but this is the first time i see something similar.

just an update: on i can see the right number of km ridden.

Hey @Fabio_Mussi your XP is being recorded, this seems to be a UI issue that will be patched soon. I’ll update everyone once we receive that confirmation. Thank you for writing in!

Thx Vincent, this morning all my XP were fine

just a question. This morning after an update my F10 key didn’t work. So i ve used the app to take screenshots (but this screenshots were without Watts, BPM, Leaderboards…l).

When i end my ride zwift doesn’t ask me about my screenshot ! i know it s one of the new features but i cant’ see any pic in that window.