No cadence with Wahoo Kickr Core and iOS

EDIT: I believe we may have found the cause of the problem.
He forgot to mention he’s got a Garmin cadence sensor on his pedal arm on the bike he’s using in the home trainer at the moment. And apparently Android does pick up the ANT+ signal, whereas iOS does not. Which, obviously, explains why his Samsung phone does register cadence when his iPad does not.

Hi all,

So, a friend of mine is having some problems with Zwift and his hometrainer.
He got a Wahoo Kickr Core and runs Zwift on an iPad, but Zwift doesn’t register any cadence when cycling.
I’ve been googling about and as far as I can see the Wahoo Kickr Core doesn’t register cadence without a sensor on the pedal arm.
He says, though, that if he’s using his Samsung phone instead of the iPad, Zwift all of a sudden does register cadence - but obviously, he can’t use his phone every time as the screen is too small.

I was hoping someone here would have some good ideas, so feel free to drop some suggestions.


Edit: Nevermind leaving this up for now. @Michael would you say this is solved?

@Vincent_Williams1 Aye, it’s solved for now. Cheers, pal.