Next week’s workout appearing

Hi, I am seeing next week’s workouts. Please see screenshot. The screenshot was taken on Sunday. Only Yellow Unicorn should be available.

There have been a lot of changes to training plans recently, this might be the expected behavior now so you can access workouts in advance? Not 100% sure?

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This screenshot is pretty funny. “First regeneration week” then proceeds to suggest two 1:45 Unicorn workouts to help you regenerate :slight_smile:

Seems it’s in a bad state, it shows week 3 where actually week 4 is the regeneration week. So, I guess as long as you do the Yellow Unicorn, and then do week 4 normally it seems all will be fine. I would suggest not doing Purple Unicorn the day after Yellow Unicorn personally :slight_smile:

Hi @J_M23

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’ve asked our Training team to have a look. We’ve made some changes to Training Plans over the past few releases, and want their input.

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