Training plans: upcoming workouts

(Jim Mattson) #1

I can’t believe that I really have to do all of the week four workouts by Monday!

(Jordan Rapp) #2


It’s a recovery week, so largely unstructured. So you do need to do all the workouts by Monday… NEXT Monday.

But I can certainly see why that’s confusing.


(Jim Mattson) #3

Okay. Not really the most common usage of the phrase, “By Monday,” but as long as I know that a workout is never due by the first day of the week, I suppose there is no ambiguity.

How do I reconcile the screenshot above with this one from Zwift Companion this morning:

A) What happened to Pedaling Drills and Sneaky?

B) Though you say the week is largely unstructured, is it the case that Purple Unicorn has to be done between Thursday and next Monday?

(Jordan Rapp) #4


Companion (currently) sorts workouts by when they end. So yellow unicorn is your last workout of THIS week. Then purple unicorn is your last workout of next week.

You have my sympathies on the confusion here and really appreciate all the feedback. It’s been a huge help in terms of what user’s are experiencing.



(Jim Mattson) #5

It would be really nice if the Training Plan section of Zwift Companion had a right arrow like the Events section, and I could follow it to see more information about upcoming workouts.