Incorrect group workout time [Orange Unicorn]

Not for the first time, I took a look at the list of group workouts and chose Orange Unicorn, which the selection screen said was a 51-minute workout. This is also reflected on the Zwift website if you look for the workout that started today at 1 EDT (can’t include a link).
Once the workout started, it proved to actually be a 90 minute workout. This has happened to me several times before and it’s pretty frustrating! Yes, I can quit the workout and choose something else, but I’m already on the bike and riding by the time I realize the error. Please look in to fixing this and spare us the aggravation!

Hi @Rachael_Walker

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for flagging this up to us. I’m asking the proper team to investigate the discrepancy.


How did you find the Orange Unicorn workout? Was it in the main Zwift app, the companion app, the Zwift website, or a third party site?

Hey thanks for the quick response! I found it in the main Zwift app. Then I looked at the Zwift website to check out the color-coded workout profile and get a sense for how tough it was - that’s how I know that the website had the same information as the app.

Het @Rachael_Walker
Thanks for getting back to us promptly!

There are a two pathways to launch the Orange Unicorn workout in the main Zwift app: 1) through the Workout Collections menu, or 2) the Build Me Up plan under the Plans menu. Which of those did you choose?

If your entry into this workout was through the Build Me Up training plan, you should have seen a duration of an hour and a half.

If you entered through the Collections - Orange Unicorn is in the “60-90 minutes to burn” assortment, so the duration shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Sounds like you wanted to do the Orange Unicorn Lite workout which is listed under the “30-60 minutes to burn” section.


It sounds like the long version may have been chosen by mistake? If not, and you are able to reproduce this as a bug - please do let us know so we can further check for crossed wires on this end.

It was none of the above. It was on the front page of the Zwift app on PC when I logged in, as a group workout that was starting in a few minutes. That’s how I got to it - from that front page. That’s where it showed a time of 51 minutes, and again, on the Zwift website where it said the schedule for the day, it gave the same time.

I can’t find the specific Zwift event that I joined now (it was today at 1PM EDT), but I found almost the same one with a start time of 2:20 EDT on the Zwift website. Can’t post a link, but it’s event #4223154 in the URL. I’ve also attached a screenshot from the Zwift events page. This is what I saw for the 1PM one as well. And weirdly enough, if I search “Orange Unicorn” on Zwift via Google and click through a few different examples from past days, they’re all showing the same wrong duration!

I spoke too soon - it took more poking, but I did find the event for the specific ride I joined. This is event #4223315.

Looks like they’re still on the calendar with the same setup

Ok, thanks for this added detail, and including screenshots - this is always helpful to see what you’re seeing. I’ll pass that along.

The same was around in January.

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Thank you for taking time to flag this up to us! We’re going to use the Orange Unicorn Lite workout for this recurring event moving forward.

I replied to the other thread you reported, and will adjust that recurring event as well.

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