'Escalation' Group workout time error

Twice in the past month I wished to join the ‘55min’ Escalation workout (Sun morning 6:20am EST 01/21 for example).

Both times it advertised it as being a 55-minute workout. Manageable for me.

When I clicked in, it was not 55 mins, but it was 1:35’ mins. That’s 40 mins longer than I wished.

Just an FYI. I found a private workout instead at my limited time.

Jim Cooper @JimCoop1953

Hi @Jim_Coop1953

Shuji at Zwift HQ. This report was flagged up to me in another thread, and we’ll sort this out for future versions of this recurring event.

@shuji Thanks for paying attention.

FYI this morning (03/03/2024) the Escalation group workout was AGAIN billed for 55 mins and showed a workout which fulfilled this timeframe.

I got in with four minutes to warm up and, once again, it was a COMPLETELY different workout lasting 1hour 35 mins. I said “Sorry I don’t have the time” nor the strength at age 70 to do this.

I found a solo workout, but I would much rather do this one. It USED to be 55 mins months ago. Now it’s something else.

‘Escalation’ in the ‘What’s on Zwift’ website shows it as 1 hr 35 mins. So, just bill it accordingly or provide the one shown as a preview.

Thank you.


For today’s (24.04.2024 18:25 CET) Escalation group workout event I see a similar problem
The event is marked as 55 minutes, but summing up times from each block we are getting 1h35minutes.

eventId: 4349133