Newby here

(Robin Ferguson ) #1

I’m new here and still learning how things work. I signed up for yesterday’s (2/10/19) Grand Fondo, as I’ve done before I’m on my bike warming up waiting on the ride to begin…I never received the notification “Join Ride”–what did I do wrong?

(Mike Rowe) #2

Hi there and welcome to Zwift!
How did you sign up for the event, on the companion app (ZCA), or on the website? The fondo series started at numerous times throughout the weekend, is it possible you signed up for one that started a few hours later? Some events don’t allow a late join (I’m not sure if the fondo allowed late joins or not), that could be another potential reason, you started a little late and missed it? We all run into glitches from time to time as well, maybe it was just your turn.

(Robin Ferguson ) #3

I signed up on the companion app about 11am–the ride started at 12:10pm. It did say it didn’t allow late join but I thought that meant after the event started. I’ll keep trying!!!