New ZML. Cellphone will not display the very bottom (dark blue) menu. I cannot access the other options. The back key took me off the map. But then I couldn’t get back onto the map. I was basically stuck on the Home screen and only that screen.

Hi there,

Are you on iOS or Android? And can you please take a screenshot of this?


I’m a Samsung android Galaxy J1. I don’t have clue how to take a screen shot. I think the screen looks normal, I just can’t “pull up” the bottom menu.

I can see the map and the light blue menu which has the ride on, waving, u-turn, etc. Nothing is below that menu.

Solution! With my Samsung Galaxy J1, the menu is not at the bottom. It is a very thin sliver at the left side of the screen. I can grab that, pull it out and there is the menu! I have to be careful or I will move the map.

Thanks to Josie for advising me to logout and back on. That got me back to the map screen where I finally found the left side menu. :slight_smile:

I will send an email and close the ticket that is open.