New York: 6 Train Route Badge (not working)

Is there a secret unpublished way to get this Route Badge? I have tried riding it 3 times, 2 in Meet Ups and can’t seem to get it. This morning we rode 20km (it’s a 7.2km route) and nothing… All other route badges seem fine (even in New York).

Has anyone been able to get the 6 Train badge recently? What’s the secret?

Worked for me just fine, that was a few weeks ago however.

I just did the 6 Train on Sunday, and the badge was awarded right on time.

Hi Jeff,

Looking at your profile it look like you did the Park Perimeter loop.


The 6 train look like this,


Thanks @Gerrie_Delport

Fair enough BUT I did not get the Park Perimeter Loop badge either and this meet up was configured to go on 6 Train so something is buggy there. I will try ride it again solo without and meet up and see if I can get it that way. I expect not but am glad to be wrong in this case :slight_smile:

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Got it last night:

No secret; I just selected it from the routes list and rode. I’m on PC, which may or may not be relevant.

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Thanks, I got the Route Badge finally tonight. Conclusion: not possible to get it in a meet up for some reason. I got Park Perimeter Loop too just for good measure. Both on solo rides and worked just fine.

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I’ve noticed that the 6 Train meetup is a different route from the 6 Train when solo; it’s backwards as a meetup… I’ve raised this with support, maybe it’ll get queued up for a fix?