New user questions 2023

got myself a wattbike atom earlier this week done a few rides (not races) got a few questions

how do I pause a ride ?

when i complete a course - it seems i can carry on cycling - why is this ?

at the weekend I did a 15 mile course - but was still pedalling beyond this distance ?

i noticed there were direction signs - if I turn off am I navigating away from the route I selected at the start ?

  1. In a free ride, stop pedalling. In a workout, press the pause button

  2. Why not? It’s a free country.

  3. Yes

If you select a route and complete it, the algorithm takes on the same route a second time.
When coming to an intersection, a turn option button will show up but not all available turn options will show up by default.
Just press the L/R/up or straight arrow and that’s the direction you will go.
The down arrow is always U turn.
Sometimes I have to wake my screen up by clicking anywhere first.

I just want to ride the routes as per zwift. I want to stick to the stated routes durations /distances.

If I just ignore the turn signs will It achieve this ?

yes, don’t make any turns and that will happen.

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If you want to be done riding after you finish a route, you don’t have to keep going. You can just stop and save.
Or go to the next full kilometer/mile like the many of us obsessive perfectionists :grinning: .

Hey guys. I’ve got a question:
During my fondo workout I had a technical hiccup. I was pedaling but my trainer didn’t recognize it. I had to switch off the trainer, Apple TV and companion app and turn everything back on. The app asked me, if I wanted to resume and I did. I finished the workout and pressed upload (to Strava).
On Strava is only shown the first period of warmup and workout. On zwift I can see both, the warmup before the hiccup (12 minutes) and major workout after the hiccup (54 minutes). But when I use the fit file of the second workout part to load up to Strava, it still only shows me the first part (12 minutes).
Do you know, what to do?